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What Do We Offer?

MED2X is a medical ERP system, and supports a collaboration and data management tool for small to medium sized medical businesses. May it be a physician’s practice or a hospital, MED2X hospital management software can be adapted to suit any need. We understand that off-the-shelf software are seldom inept for needs of medical businesses since there might be many custom features needed, suited to individual medical practices, so we made MED2X with a total open architecture, enabling complete customization.



MED2X hospital management system works intranet application. Patient Data and records are encrypted and secured. MED2X has modules with user-level access system enabled which allows for added level of security Rights. The software is a reliable and robust online hospital management system.



  • Appointment
  • Admission
  • Department
  • Ward / Room / Bed Management
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology , orthopedic, neurology (its dynamic)
  • Laboratory
  • Employee (doctor, nurse, peon etc.)
  • Accounting
  • Reports and findings
  • Administration
  • Billing

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