Overview of Ward Management System

MED2X: med2x.comHospital Ward Management Software

MED2X offers an advanced online hospital Ward Management software to enable paperless allotment of rooms and its availability process for patient in the hospital. This module includes various benifits such as record of patients using which bed and simple for you as everything is fully dynamic etc.

Features of MED2X : Hospital Ward Management Software

  • Ward creation, allotment to patient and services related to it.
  • Room creation allotment to patient and services related to it.
  • Bed creation allotment to patent and services related to it.
  • Shifting of patient for bed, room or ward is easily possible by a click.
  • A complete archive of the services, shifting related to patient.
  • Date wise Occupancy status via charts.

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We trust that the accomplishments of an organization are the effect of the consolidated exertion of every person. All things considered, we are extremely pleased with our product. We endeavor to increase the value of each exchange we attempt. Besides our business is about innovation, Yes. But on the other hand it's about operations and client relationships. So we consider rather concentrating on the competition, concentrate on the client.

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Our Hospital Ward Management Software Can Do
  • Handle in-patient as well as out-patient sales efficiently.
  • Only drug batches issued can be received as return goods.
  • In-patient entries can be done prior to preparing bills and discharge of patients.
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