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Do you wish to streamline your hospital practice with an integrated web-based hospital management system? Your search ends here! Our software solution incorporates an innovative program that efficiently manages different frontiers of a clinic.

Med2x is an exhaustive healthcare management system intended for the present healthcare management system. Details about the doctors, staffing, various departments, patients, budget, etc are available under broad categories in the HMS.

It is one of the premier Health Management Software Products Development companies that enjoy a great market reputation for designing and developing result oriented solutions for its clients worldwide. Take advantage of our specialist services to get a highly customized HMS system for managing your hospital better and increasing profitability.

Benefits Offered By E-Hospital Management Software

  • Facilitates easy access to patients’ data and users can generate different types of reports to study patient records at any given time.
  • ERP for hospital program can work like a support system and enable administrators to take decisions for devising comprehensive health policies.
  • Enables accurate and efficient handling of finances, patient diets, engineering and medical aids provided to patients.
  • Can even take care of drug prescriptions and administrations as well as monitor and study their effects on patients.
  • Information accessed will be authentic as transcription errors and duplication of patient information will get drastically reduced.

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In-Demand Modules for Our Hospital Management Software

MED2X, the Medical ERP, boxes a fully integrated state of art Hospital Management Software System for mid-size to large hospitals, Pathology labs and Clinics.

OPD Software

A comprehensive OPD management software solution that is capable of handling effectively used for tracking records relating to surgeries performed on different patients and OPD charges in hospitals and clinics

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Clinic Software

A clinic management software program which can deal with daily operations of medical clinics. Users can also schedule appointments with patients, maintain their medical records and even handle payments.

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Laboratory System

A web enabled LIMS software solution that effectively manages patient’s information with regards to various tests for diagnosis of illness. Doctors can take further course of action based on these reports.

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Pharmacy Software

A web based pharmacy management software system module enables users to handle day to day functions like drug distribution, keep track of medicine stocks, etc. Maintain goods receipt and purchase returns

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Patient Management System

Every healthcare facility maintains an extensive database of patient-related information. It includes personal details, contact information, residential address, and medical history.

Appointment & Scheduling

Doctors and nurses find planning and scheduling appointments as a challenging task. An HMS system connects doctors with patients by assigning, booking, and monitoring the status of appointments.

Doctor Management System

Regular updates to profiles of every doctor at the facility occur, including expertise, years of experience, patient case files, etc. An outline is available for review and informational purposes.

Staff Management

The hospital staff are an integral part of the administration, and maintaining respective records is essential. The hospital management software ensures smooth operation and a work-life balance.

Facility Management

Hospital management software retrieves and compiles all of the necessary information regarding the healthcare facility and its status. These records help know about the equipment available, specialties or departments present, beds availability, and so forth.

Inventory Management

Apart from the facility care and fulfilling the staffing requirements, the HMS tracks stock availability and orders for all medical supplies. The prescriptions are available for doctors to view in one click.

Financial Management

Raising invoices and management of finances is straightforward with the HMS. Calculation, calibration, and storage of all the billing details are secure. Various financial reports and analyses are also available.

Report Management

All of the reports generated by the hospital, including financial statements and revenue charts, are available within this module. Storage and access to every report happen only through the authorization of credentials.

HMS Software for hospitals

  • A hospital management system is a technologically enabled software solution to unify all the processes involved. The setup ensures that the system and the underlying factors work in a cohesive format making the operation quick and smooth.

  • The hospital management software ensures all governance policies run in tandem with the workflow of the system. It’s undoubtedly a force to reckon with as a healthcare management system. Moreover, the HMS system ensures a safe and secure ecosystem for all hospital records.

  • Data including information about the allocation of various resources and their responsibilities are present, emphasizing clarity and efficiency. Assurance of top-notch quality is an automated approach that allows the hospital to provide extensive care and timely assistance.

  • The HMS software for hospitals coordinates information obtained from different departments and focuses on immediate resolution of problems. All the modules involved endow a comprehensive framework for optimum functioning and redressal of concerns or disputes.

Features Of Med2x E-Hospital Management Software System

The most important benefits that a hospital gains out of MED2X Hospital Management Software (HMS) implementation are
Secure Return On Investment

By installing an online best hospital management software, you can maximize revenues by reducing overall working costs and even patients will have a good experience.

Software Is Totally User-Friendly

Software features are completely user-friendly and no formal training is required for operating Med2x HMS system.
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Lower Costs For Ownership

Users are not needed to get any type of licenses for operating the online web based hospital management system software and they can be easily run on desktops.

Implementation Can Be Very Fast

As it a web based hospital management software, it is not required to be loaded on each individual system in the hospital.

Full Integration With Other Systems

The system is dynamic and customizable as a result of which it can be easily integrated with other systems in hospital.

Enables Multicentre Operations

Web based solution has a robust database and is scalable so it can take care of operations at multiple locations from a centralized administration office.

How does Med2x stand apart as the best Hospital Management Software?

One of the many reasons to launch an online hospital management software is to attain consistency and facilitate information management throughout the facility. Owing to the sensitive nature of the documents, the HMS system handles the records with care and provides extensive analysis. A gamut of functions falls under the provisions of the online hospital management system, namely:

  • Collate updated clinical records of all patients
  • Collate updated clinical records of all patients
  • Facilitates e-billing & accounting
  • Set up and create notifications for appointments
  • Compile and securely store insurance-related information
  • Monitor and report the progress of payments

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