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Summary Of E-Laboratory Management Software

MED2X lab modules are being rampantly used by various laboratories for dissemination and recording of information pertaining to different tests performed for patients. Our online Laboratory management software receives requests from doctors as well as research scientists and allows staff members to carry out tests prescribed.

Our lab automation software ables testing procedures for haematology, biochemistry, serology, microbiology, neurology, cytology as well as radiology. On receipt of requests, users get an instant sample number online. Results for test samples are posted depending on the sample type. Additionally, if some tests require supervisor’s approval, due procedure is followed and accordingly, results are sent back to all clients.

Features of MED2X: Laboratory Management Software

  • Test registration on collection
  • Patient registration
  • Discard sample type report
  • Specimen collection
  • Add/edit customer
  • Test registration (walk-in)
  • View dispatch report
  • Collection centre account
  • Lab unit master
  • Specimen rejection/hold

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Laboratory Management Software

Buy MED2X: LMS software Enables hospitals to take quick decisions for development of comprehensive healthcare facilities and based on advanced technology.

Clinical laboratory software is user-friendly & advanced technology ensures guaranteed performance as there is little scope for errors.
Administering drugs & their effects on patients as well as enables doctors to reduce adverse effects of drugs during treatments.
Possibility of transcription errors and duplication of information gets drastically reduced with help of MED2X software.
Administration of finances, patient diets, medical aid distribution, patient registration for test and engineering becomes easy.

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The complete package for Laboratory Management Software
  • To identify samples, there is sticker printing facility with bar codes.
  • Facilitates easy communication between doctors and lab staff.
  • Highly cost-effective method for managing inventories.
  • Possible to maintain patients’ information as per date, referred doctor, visit, etc.
  • Doctor referrals as well as payments can be collected & remitted online.
  • User can generate and print test reports as well as bill receipts.
  • Modified & separate ways to handle culture and sensitivity.
  • Records pertaining to incentives between two given dates can be analyzed with ease.
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Important Benefits of Our Lab management software

  • Facilitates easier access to doctor’s data so that records can be generated on the basis of patients’ details etc. This helps in improving continuity of healthcare services.
  • User can easily search and get details of patients by using Name, Patient ID and Record ID for tests and treatments between two specific dates.
  • Sample numbers will get automatically generated once samples are received for tests.
  • Normal and abnormal test results are clearly displayed on screen and printouts.
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