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OPD management Software module can be effectively used for tracking records relating to surgeries performed on different patients in hospitals and clinics. Advanced Out Patient management system can schedule operations, manage surgery teams, record details of surgeries with checklists. Surgeons can prepare for surgeries by studying reports of medical tests and hospital administrators can even get electronic consent from patients or relatives. Important data associated with patient’s preoperative and postoperative conditions can be easily accessed online with patient management software.

Features Of Our Out Patient Department Modules

  • Facilitates quick communication & information sharing amongst physicians, healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics labs and chemists.
  • Using of smart card readers can even facilitate purchase of medicines form hospital approved pharmacy stores.
  • Hospitals has the chance to maintain technological advantage and stay ahead of their competitors at all times.

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In the automation industry, technology is doing the rounds and that has invariably enabled clients to maintain crucial patients’ data, generate business and finance reports as well as preserve patient details within minutes. MED2X has the expertise to deliver highly customized hospital and clinic management software solutions with advanced technology.

By using our out Patient management software, users can handle patients’ registrations, medical histories, staff records and undertake billing procedures too.
Traditional methods of maintaining hospital or clinical records are now gradually being phased out and cost-efficient software applications are slowly replacing them.
Our state-of-the-art hospital or clinical software has CPT codes for each and every surgical procedure which is being followed in the operation theatre or OT.
Out-patient management software for managing hospitals, nursing homes as well as medical centres. Users can have easy access to huge data within a span of few seconds.

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  • Online consent forms are available in multiple languages.
  • User can also handle sterilization schedules, checks & audits.
  • Monitor & record anaesthesia details used during surgical procedures.
  • Powerful system can improve efficiency of hospital management processes.
  • It is easier to manage and maintain medicine inventory as well as other stocks.
  • Health information about all patients and employees in hospital can be easily accessible.
  • Reduces overall administrative workload as well as paperwork.
  • Schedule operations and manage room bookings online with ease.
  • Program has checklists that help in monitoring condition of patients.
  • Facilitates extensive preoperative assessment of patients’ vital parameters.
  • As paperwork is not required or will get significantly reduced, money can be saved.
  • Monitoring devices have been provided interface and user can get alerts if readings are abnormal.
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MED2X can be a one-stop solution for all your hospital or clinic management software needs and requirements. Save precious time and money with a custom-built software program that is fully user-friendly. You can buy a tailor-made online hospital management software system to streamline daily functioning and administration of your clinic or hospital. Act to make your hospital management system processes totally paperless and save lot of money on expensive stationery items every year.

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