Streamline Administration With e-Pharmacy Management System

An Overview Of MED2X: Pharmacy Management Software

MED2X offers an advanced online pharmacy software to enable pharmacists streamline functioning of their medicinal stores. Also known as the Drug Information System, the web based pharmacy management system module enables users to handle day to day functions like drug distribution, keep track of medicine stocks, etc. The module can also receive prescriptions from patients and doctors online.

Besides, the hospital pharmacy software programed has provision for incorporating FIFO & LIFO dispensing techniques which can be tuned to cater to hospitals’ requirements. User can visit medical management software to access drug data on the basis of batch nos., drugs interaction, mfg. dates and expiry dates so as to prevent wrong distribution of medicines.

Features of MED2X E-Pharmacy Management Software

  • Purchase Indents & Orders
  • View supplier outstanding dues
  • Drugs/Medical Supplies to patients & Wards
  • Maintain Goods Receipt Notes and Purchase Returns
  • List of Fast Moving/ Non Moving Drugs can be maintained
  • User can check drugs availability with batch nos. & expiry dates
  • Enables transfer of medicine/drug stocks between two sub-stores
  • VAT calculations and accounting activities can be managed with ease

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Pharmacy Management Software

ePharmacy management Software is fully integrated with the inventory of all the drug item of the hospital and medical stores.

User can get information relating to extensive list of drugs and medicines available in stocks.
ATC medicine classification procedure has been used to enable users in undertaking research
Users can even manipulate medicines depending on various different factors.
User can get correct and accurate reports relating to drug consumption in your medical store.

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The complete package for paperless Pharmacy management system.
  • Users can generate stock reorder reports as and when they wish to
  • Helps in maintaining drug stocks (Company/Composition/Category wise)
  • There is provision to issue of several other things, with or without indent, to hospitals.
  • Automatic deduction of drug stocks after issue as per batch nos., manufacturing dates & expiry dates.
  • User can accept e-prescriptions from consulting physicians and different departments of any hospital.
  • Automatic generation of alerts, whenever the drug stocks is finished
  • Maintain stock ledgers and stock valuation on a regular basis
  • Chemists or users can generate online requests for ordering medicine or drug stocks to main store.
  • User can return medicinal consignment to supplier by issuing proper gate-pass online.
  • Adjustment issue option & adjustment receipt option have been provided in system to keep track
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What Our Pharmacy Management Software Can Do
  • Handle in-patient as well as out-patient sales efficiently.
  • Only drug batches issued can be received as return goods.
  • In-patient entries can be done prior to preparing bills and discharge of patients.
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